Sunday, January 10, 2010

New podcast!

I have just recorded a new podcast with my friend and co-worker Lucas. We discuss how lame Seattle is and how much we hate it when people steal our food at work! Also, I am recording a new Beatles podcast tonight and hopefully those will both be up shortly.
I have also come to realize that my life has reached another important juncture. Before I move to Scotland in 4 months I need to decide whether I keep up the radio career or go for something different. I am planning on doing a series of podcasts and blogs about this and I hope you guys give me your input :)


Saturday, August 8, 2009


So I am 6 podcasts into the shanna project! I'm still working out all the kinks so I hope everyone sticks with me! This whole Beatles podcast is proving to be hard because I can't actually play full Beatle songs. Right now I am getting away with playing about a minute of each song. Hopefully that doesn't piss anyone off! My talk podcasts are getting better. I am hoping to have more guests on the show and do them more often. Right now it's about once a week because I am having a hard time coming up with topics that I can just rant about!

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Working on it!

So we are working on uploading more podcasts! I am recording them faster than we can get them on the site :)

Trying to get around this whole "not being able to play full Beatles songs" is tricky!!! At the moment I am playing snippets of each song... about 30 seconds or so I guess. Hoping to get away with it for now! We'll see how well this works. Although, I am pretty sure this is still fairly illegal.

I have been keeping pretty busy with work and podcasting! I tried a new lemonade diet and lasted a couple days. At least I was impressed with myself! Supposed to be on it for 10 days....10 days!?! HA! Who are they kidding... 10 days. Let's be real! Worst part of the diet was the salt water flush in the mornings. What a horrible experience that was!

So now on to something that has been bugging me lately...

Mass emails from work!!! I keep getting the emails that are sent to everyone. It hardly ever pertains to me, yet my inbox is flooded with these pointless messages! What I hate the most is when they say " food in the kitchen!" Of course I'm NEVER at work when I get that email... on account of me working nights and weekends. How about you jerks leave a little something for us part-timers??? AND if you DO decided to leave us a few crumbs... how about you put it in the fridge so it doesn't spoil! What are you trying to do..? Poison us with your day old cheese???

Hmmm do I dare take a bite... when did they put this out? ... It's Sunday now and maybe, just maybe, this hasn't been here since Friday morning! Nooooooooo! Who am I kidding! Of course it's from Friday morning. Thinking about sending a passive aggressive email to everyone about teasing us part timers with food we can never eat.

Oh and don't even get me STARTED on the emails regarding "free tickets". Seems like whenever a part timer wants free tickets they are suddenly "all gone!". Great!!! I'm sure you gave them to your buddy down the hall who will most likely sell the tickets on craigslist... whatever!

Point is... I am tired of these mass emails directed towards sales and management. I put in 25 hours a week at this place and all I get to show for it is a good supply of free tea and coffee. I guess I can't complain about that... more than some people get. However, it's the teasing that gets me down. Taunting me with free shows and food! I'll never get any of it... but one day... just maybe... I'll move on up to the eastside... to a deluxe apartment in the sky... I'll finally get a piece of the pie. Who am I kidding?? Nevermind!


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Saturday, July 11, 2009

What it is man!

Hey studs,

After a long hiatus from the hot talk scene I have decided to come back with The Shanna Project. You will be able to find weekly free podcasts featuring myself and maybe someone else if I can get them to waste an hour of their time!

Also, I will be doing a weekly Beatles podcast. Not sure how that will work out legally but I'll figure something out! Might have to be a Solo-Beatles podcast... who knows!

I am going to try and make this as interactive as possible. I am going to post up a topic every week on the website, get your feedback and discuss it on the podcast! Lot's of stuff to talk about... I said it man!!!

Please keep checking the websites for updates!!!

aka Woolsey
aka Woollies
aka loser